Oct 16, 2015

Yahoo Mail sheds need for passwords on mobile devices

Yahoo on Thursday set out to make its free email service hip again with upgrades that included getting rid of the need for passwords on mobile devices. Yahoo new email application allows users to sign-in without passwords, which have long been lambasted as paltry ...

Despite price, nations turn to off-the-shelf spy software

Oct 16, 2015

Despite price, nations turn to off-the-shelf spy software

Researchers say some smaller, poorer nations are now using spy software, suggesting that recent data leaks and lawsuits have not deterred governments from investing in off-the-shelf cyberespionage products. Internet watchdog group Citizen Lab said in a report Thursday that it had found 33 “likely ...

Oct 15, 2015

Growing popularity of ad-blockers threatens mobile websites

Mobile websites face a new threat as millions download ad-blockers to their phones and tablets, removing pesky ads but potentially wiping out billions of dollars in advertising revenue. Close to 200 million downloads of ad-blocking software had taken place by the middle of the ...

Oct 9, 2015

Ten-year digital brain study yields first results

An ambitious project led by researchers in Switzerland to digitally map the brain released its first results Thursday, showing a complex view of how the brain is wired. This “first draft” of the computerized reconstruction of a young rat’s neocortex contains over 31,000 neurons, ...

Automakers look to tech firms to fix cars over the air

Oct 3, 2015

Automakers look to tech firms to fix cars over the air

As cars increasingly resemble digital devices, a group of technology firms that can send wireless software updates to cars are in hot demand by carmakers scrambling to catch up to Tesla Motors in the arena of over-the-air updates, or OTAs. Interest in the technology, ...

Oct 2, 2015

People-rating app gets its own bad reviews

Creators of an app that will let people assign ratings to people they know vowed to go ahead with a planned launch next month despite online outrage at the idea. Peeple has been likened by critics and supporters alike as a Yelp-style review service ...