Apr 19, 2015

Mountain of electrical waste reaches new peak: report

A record amount of electrical and electronic waste was thrown away in 2014, and countries that pride themselves on environmental consciousness were the worst offenders per capita, a report said Sunday. Last year, 41.8 million tons of so-called e-waste — mostly fridges, washing machines ...

Apr 18, 2015

Google to rank Web access on mobile devices

Google search Tuesday will start factoring in how easy websites are to read on smartphones or tablet computers, underlining the changing way people surf the Internet. The Web titan said that the “mobile-friendliness” of websites will be a factor in ranking results to online ...

Apr 17, 2015

Bloomberg says trading terminals hit by global breakdown

Bloomberg terminals used by subscribers to make trades using real-time developments in business and finance were struck by a “global network problem” for several hours Friday, the company said. After users in financial centers around the world flocked to Twitter to complain of the ...

Computer transmission of human personalities not far off: inventor

Apr 5, 2015

Computer transmission of human personalities not far off: inventor

The world has only touched the surface of technological progress and computers may soon be able to transmit the complexities of human personalities, a prominent inventor says. Sebastian Thrun, who founded the Google X laboratory, where the Internet search giant has developed Google Glass ...

Citizen journalism given a boost

Mar 29, 2015

Citizen journalism given a boost

by Rob Lever

When three buildings collapsed and ignited a blaze in New York on Thursday, a smartphone app brought the live video feed to anyone online wanting to watch. The disaster took place, coincidentally, the same day as the launch of Twitter’s new livestream app Periscope, ...

Mar 25, 2015

Apple to build R&D facility in Yokohama

U.S. computer maker Apple Inc. plans to build a technology development facility at a former Panasonic Corp. plant site in Yokohama, Mayor Fumiko Hayashi said Wednesday. “Apple’s presence could trigger a virtuous cycle where new values and industries will be created,” she said at ...

Mar 18, 2015

North Korea Web outage was reprisal for Sony hack, U.S. lawmaker says

A December blackout of North Korea’s Internet was retaliation for that nation’s hacking of computers at Sony Corp.’s Hollywood studio, a top U.S. lawmaker on cybersecurity issues said without identifying who was responsible. Rep. Michael McCaul of Texas, the Republican chairman of the House ...

Chinese 'cyberdissident' takes farmers' land fight online

Mar 15, 2015

Chinese 'cyberdissident' takes farmers' land fight online

He spent years in prison for running one of China’s few websites dedicated to reporting human rights abuses. But now authorities appreciate his coverage, Huang Qi said as his smartphone buzzed with fresh news of injustice. His website, 64 Tianwang, named in part after ...