Syrian government and rebels trade gas attack accusations

Aug 3, 2016

Syrian government and rebels trade gas attack accusations

eirut Syrian rebels accused government forces of launching toxic gas attacks on civilians in a town southwest of Aleppo on Tuesday. The government rejected the claim and accused the rebels of using chemical weapons themselves. Rebel sources provided video of people receiving treatment who ...

Mar 11, 2016

IS chemical sites attacked following info extracted from top operative Dawud

The U.S.-led coalition has carried out the first airstrikes on Islamic State chemical weapons sites, the Pentagon said Thursday, acting on information from a senior operative described as the extremists’ top chemical expert. The successful “multiple” bombings came as a result of detailed intelligence ...

Feb 13, 2016

Experts list chemical attacks in Syria to investigate

The international body charged with establishing who is responsible for chemical attacks in Syria says it has identified at least five potential cases for investigation — four where chlorine gas was allegedly used against rebel-held areas and one involving mustard gas. The investigative body ...