Dec 31, 2014

Cuban open mic protest thwarted after dissidents detained

Cuban police detained several dissidents on Tuesday and thwarted an unauthorized political protest, dissidents said, in the first major test of U.S. President Barack Obama’s policy shift toward normalizing relations with the communist-ruled island. The U.S. State Department condemned the detentions, which marked the ...

Dec 26, 2014

End of the Facebook Revolution

by Leonid Bershidsky

When Facebook has already blocked an announcement inviting Muscovites to attend a January rally in support of an anti-corruption activist, imagine what it would do — or, for all we know, has already done — for the U.S. government.

Nov 29, 2014

China activist pleads innocent in chaotic trial

A leading Chinese rights activist who organized rallies for media freedom pleaded not guilty to charges of disturbing public order in an all-night trial in which the judge rejected his requests for food, a lawyer said. The case against Yang Maodong, 48, comes amid ...