'Star Wars' shown in Chinese theaters for first time

Jun 16, 2015

'Star Wars' shown in Chinese theaters for first time

China has become one with the Force by showing the original “Star Wars” film in cinemas for the first time, nearly four decades after it became a global hit and a cornerstone of Western popular culture. The Shanghai International Film Festival is showing all ...

Jun 11, 2015

'Shingeki no Kyojin' movie shut out from Shanghai festival

The popular Japanese anime “Attack on Titan” (“Shingeki no Kyojin”) has been shut out from this year’s Shanghai International Film Festival that starts Saturday, according to informed sources. The movie had been among films slated to be shown at an event featuring Japan, but ...

Jun 9, 2015

China bans 'Attack on Titan,' other popular Japanese anime from Web

China has blacklisted 38 Japanese cartoons, including the megahit “Attack on Titan,” from appearing online, according to state media. Amid a broadening crackdown on the country’s Internet content, 29 Chinese websites have received warnings or fines for carrying shows that “encourage juvenile delinquency, glorify ...