May 2, 2015

Canadians cruise in opening contest

Canada showed its attacking power with a 6-1 victory over Latvia on Friday in the first game of the world hockey championship, while the United States beat 2014 runnerup Finland 5-1. Defending champion Russia opened with a 6-2 victory over Norway, and Sweden beat ...

Outdoor fun at remote lodge in Nova Scotia

Apr 25, 2015

Outdoor fun at remote lodge in Nova Scotia

by John O. Lumpkin

Into the forest we went with a mushroom hunter and guide, in search of edibles in the speckled light of a summer afternoon. The finds: golden chanterelles peeking through the moss, reed-thin cucumber root and the grand prize, a brown-capped bolete, which became one ...

Apr 12, 2015

Canada glaciers may shrink by 70% by 2100

The glaciers of western Canada, one of the world’s most picturesque mountain regions, are likely to largely melt away over just three generations, scientists say. By 2100, the glaciers of Alberta and British Columbia are set to shrink by 75 percent in area compared ...

Canadian diplomat's son dies in Miami drugs shootout

Apr 2, 2015

Canadian diplomat's son dies in Miami drugs shootout

An alleged drug deal gone bad ended in a gun battle that left the teenage son of a Miami-based Canadian diplomat dead and a younger son under arrest. Germano Wabafiyebazu said his 17-year-old son, Jean, was killed Wednesdsay when he went into a house ...

Mar 28, 2015

Takata sued for $1.9 billion in Canada over faulty air bags

Canadian drivers have launched three class action lawsuits against embattled auto parts supplier Takata over defective air bags linked to at least five fatalities worldwide, lawyers confirmed Friday. The plaintiffs are seeking a total of 2.4 billion ($1.9 billion) Canadian dollars for personal injuries, ...