Jan 22, 2014

BOJ keeps ultraeasy monetary policy

The Bank of Japan said Wednesday it will maintain its ultraeasy monetary policy and keep unchanged its consumer price outlook for fiscal 2015 at 1.9 percent, near its 2 percent inflation target aimed at beating deflation. The nine-member Policy Board unanimously decided that the ...

BOJ near limit for bond buys but boost may be needed

Jan 20, 2014

BOJ near limit for bond buys but boost may be needed

The Bank of Japan is approaching the upper limit of its target for buying bonds, raising prospects it will need to expand the scope of its stimulus program to support the economy before a tax increase. The BOJ bought ¥6.8 trillion worth of sovereign ...

BOJ notes 'recovery' in all regional economies

Jan 16, 2014

BOJ notes 'recovery' in all regional economies

The Bank of Japan on Thursday upgraded its assessment for five of the country’s nine regional economies compared with three months earlier and used the word recovery for every region on the back of solid consumer spending before the consumption tax increase in April ...

Jan 10, 2014

More Japanese expecting lower incomes in one year

More people expect incomes to drop a year from now than they did three months ago, a Bank of Japan survey said Thursday. In the December survey, 37.8 percent said they expect incomes to drop compared with 36.0 percent three months before. The results ...

Jan 9, 2014

Consumer sentiment worsens again

Consumer sentiment deteriorated in the three months to December for the second straight quarter, the Bank of Japan said Thursday, indicating that momentum for a recovery has waned amid rising prices and limited income growth. The diffusion index of consumer sentiment regarding current economic ...

Jan 3, 2014

Kuroda chosen as 'Central Banker of the Year 2014'

Bank of Japan Gov. Haruhiko Kuroda has been named “Central Banker of the Year 2014″ for his “bold and decisive” style of carrying out ultraeasy monetary policy, the British financial magazine Banker said. “With his statesmanship he was able to pull such a bold ...

Jan 1, 2014

Bank of Japan likely to maintain easing policy, chief says

Bank of Japan Gov. Haruhiko Kuroda indicated the central bank will keep intact its current monetary easing policy in 2014 with prospects that the economy will continue to recover despite possible adverse impact from the consumption tax hike in April. In a recent interview, ...

Dec 31, 2013

Tokyo financial markets say they can withstand quakes

A powerful earthquake directly beneath central Tokyo could leave securities trading suspended, but only temporarily, according to a government panel looking into disaster preparations. While the Bank of Japan, the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Japanese Bankers Association have business continuity plans in place ...

Deflation off slightly last month: data

Dec 27, 2013

Deflation off slightly last month: data

Consumer prices rose 1.2 percent last month, the fastest pace in five years, edging closer to the Bank of Japan’s 2.0 percent target in its war on deflation as Tokyo battles to reverse years of falling prices. But if volatile food and energy, by ...