G-20 confirms excessive currency moves undesirable: Aso

Apr 15, 2016

G-20 confirms excessive currency moves undesirable: Aso

Finance chiefs from the Group of 20 economies agreed Thursday that excessive moves in exchange rates are undesirable, according to Finance Minister Taro Aso, who added that the global economy still faces downside risks. Prior to a two-day gathering in Washington, Aso told U.S. ...

Apr 12, 2016

Negative rates failed to boost bank lending in March

Loan growth slowed to the weakest pace in three years in March, signaling the central bank’s introduction of negative interest rates has yet to spur credit in the world’s third-largest economy. Loans, excluding trusts, rose 2 percent from a year earlier, slowing from 2.2 ...

Apr 11, 2016

BOJ's backfire hangs over central bankers as IMF meetings start


The world’s central bankers, already hitting the limits of their effectiveness on growth and inflation, are now contending with another risk: that additional stimulus could produce lackluster results and undercut investor confidence. The Bank of Japan’s decision in January to take interest rates negative ...

Apr 8, 2016

Top analyst eyes rally below ¥105

The top forecaster for the yen is bracing for it to strengthen below ¥105 versus the dollar as demand for the currency as a haven from market turmoil thwarts efforts by the government to stem the rally. Julius Baer Group Ltd. will probably revise ...

Apr 7, 2016

Japan is fast approaching the limits of quantitative easing

The Bank of Japan is running out of government bonds to buy. Its would-be counterparts have become increasingly unwilling to sell the debt that monetary policymakers have pledged to buy, and the most recently issued 30-year Japanese bond did not record a single trade ...