Sep 10, 2014

Japan, U.S. see little progress in TPP farm tariff talks

Japan and the United States made only “very limited” progress in two days of working-level talks over Tokyo’s proposed exceptions to tariff abolition for key farm products under the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a Japanese official said Wednesday. “We were not able to make as much ...

Sep 10, 2014

Japan mulls applying same tariffs to beef imports from all TPP nations

Japan is mulling applying the same beef tariff rates to all 11 other negotiating member countries of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, including the United States, sources familiar with the negotiations said Tuesday. Tokyo had considered allowing lower tariffs only for beef imports from the United ...

Sep 9, 2014

Australia urges Japan to further lower beef tariffs in TPP

Australia is urging Japan to further lower its tariffs on beef under the Trans-Pacific Partnership after Tokyo agreed to substantially cut them under a two-way free trade deal struck in April, negotiation sources said Tuesday. Australia, which became the first major farming country to ...

Aug 5, 2014

Japan, U.S. resume TPP talks on market access for beef, pork

Trade officials from Japan and the United States resumed negotiations over outstanding issues on market access for agricultural products such as beef and pork under the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Both governments will explore ways to strike a deal, possibly this fall, regarding Japan’s exceptional tariffs ...

Restaurateurs, beef and wine vendors hail Australia tariffs deal

Jul 9, 2014

Restaurateurs, beef and wine vendors hail Australia tariffs deal

Japanese restaurant operators, butchers and wine merchants are welcoming the economic partnership agreement signed with Australia on Tuesday, predicting lower prices for imported foodstuffs such as beef and booze. “We may use more Australian beef if tariffs fall,” said an official at Zensho Holdings ...

Export of 'wagyu' beef to EU gets underway

Jun 24, 2014

Export of 'wagyu' beef to EU gets underway

Japanese farmers have exported their first shipment of “wagyu” beef to the European Union after an import ban on beef produced in the country was lifted. Wagyu are among the most desired breeds because of their intense fat marbling, which makes the meat particularly ...