BOJ adjustments signal limits to monetary easing

| Dec 19, 2015

BOJ adjustments signal limits to monetary easing


The policy adjustments announced by the Bank of Japan on Friday may indicate there are limits to the drastic monetary easing policy the central bank launched to stoke 2 percent inflation. The moves to increase the BOJ’s purchases of exchange-traded funds and broaden the ...

Dec 9, 2015

U.S. imposes new sanctions on North Korea over arms trade

The United States imposed financial sanctions Tuesday against six individuals and several companies linked to arms proliferation by North Korea. The sanctions targeted North Korea’s Strategic Rocket Force, two banks and three shipping companies allegedly involved in the arms trade, according to the U.S. ...

Dec 8, 2015

Bank lending in Japan up 2.3% in November

The average balance of bank lending in the country in November, excluding loans by shinkin (credit banks), rose 2.3 percent to ¥428.2 trillion, up for the 50th straight month, the Bank of Japan said Tuesday. Including shinkin, the total lending balance grew 2.3 percent ...

Dec 8, 2015

BOJ dooms credit analysts as foreign banks let Tokyo posts lapse

Foreign brokerages are leaving credit analyst positions in Tokyo unfilled as record central bank bond-buying stimulus makes it hard for them to make profits. UBS Group AG, Barclays PLC, Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities Co. and Citigroup Inc. all had analysts at the start of ...