Dec 2, 2014

HIV may evolve to cause AIDS less frequently

HIV may be evolving to become less aggressive, suggesting that one day it may infect humans without causing AIDS. Women with HIV in South Africa are more likely to have AIDS than a similar group in Botswana, where the disease arrived a decade earlier. ...

Nov 1, 2014

Protests push Burkina Faso president from power

Burkina Faso President Blaise Compaore stepped down Friday after protesters stormed parliament and set the building ablaze over his attempts to extend his 27-year reign, one of Africa’s longest. Gen. Honore Traore, the joint chief of staff, told reporters that he would assume the ...

Oct 15, 2014

NBC correspondent admits violation of quarantine

NBC News medical correspondent Nancy Snyderman has admitted that some members of her crew violated a voluntary quarantine to protect against Ebola, a misstep that caused New Jersey health officials to make that quarantine mandatory. NBC said Tuesday that Snyderman and her crew are ...

Oct 14, 2014

Ebola threatens Africa's development

by Cesar Chelala

The World Health Organization's dramatic warning that the Ebola epidemic threatens the "very survival" of societies has a public health consultant wondering where all the millions of dollars in aid to African countries to improve their health systems have gone.