Law gets serious about cycling safety

| Jun 29, 2015

Law gets serious about cycling safety

by Masaaki Kameda

Bicycle use is growing along with greater public awareness of health and environmental issues, with cities around the country beginning to rent them out to visitors who are eager to tour Japan on the cheap. But this has triggered a rise in fatal accidents ...

Honda reports eighth death related to exploding air bags

Jun 22, 2015

Honda reports eighth death related to exploding air bags

Honda Motor Co. confirmed Monday a new death linked to an air bag, bringing the global total to eight fatalities. The company said a woman in Los Angeles died last September after a faulty inflator in a 2001 Honda Civic ruptured, firing metal shrapnel ...

Jun 20, 2015

Stowaway found alive on Johannesburg-London flight

A suspected stowaway was found unconscious on a flight from Johannesburg after the plane landed in London on Thursday, and a second man may have died falling out of the same flight, British police said Friday. The man found alive is believed to be ...

Jun 19, 2015

California reveals details of self-driving car accidents

California state officials released reports Thursday detailing six accidents that involved self-driving car prototypes, reversing a policy that had shielded details of how the next-generation technology is performing during testing on public roads. The disclosure came after The Associated Press successfully argued to the ...

Jun 18, 2015

Mountaineering accidents reached new heights in 2014

Japan logged 2,293 mountain-climbing accidents in 2014, up by 121 from the year before, the National Police Agency said Thursday. The number of people involved in the mishaps rose to 2,794 for the year, up by 81, the agency said. Both figures broke records ...

Final death toll from sunken China cruise ship is 442

Jun 14, 2015

Final death toll from sunken China cruise ship is 442

The death toll from a cruise ship that sank on China’s Yangtze River was confirmed as 442 on Saturday, state media reported, as the final bodies were found from communist China’s worst shipping disaster. Only 12 people survived when the Eastern Star cruise ship ...