Corporate tax cut no 'magic wand,' warns ministry adviser

Jun 26, 2014

Corporate tax cut no 'magic wand,' warns ministry adviser

The plan to cut the corporate tax won’t be “a magic wand,” warns Hiroshi Yoshikawa, a key adviser to the finance minister. The Abe administration on Tuesday adopted new economic and fiscal policy guidelines that call for, among other things, lowering Japan’s effective corporate ...

Jun 23, 2014

Foreign maids the talk of Kansai zone

by Eric Johnston

Discussions began in Osaka on Monday on a proposed special economic zone in the Kansai region that will include an experimental program to attract foreign maids to the region. An initiative backed by the central government, the zone is a series of locations in ...

Jun 19, 2014

BOJ exec shrugs off tax increase slowdown fears

A Bank of Japan policymaker Thursday shrugged off the possibility that the consumption tax hike on April 1 could significantly slow the economy, echoing the central bank’s bright projections. “Although being affected by strong demand before and a decline following (the April 1 tax ...