'Abenomics' no help to breweries

Feb 24, 2014

'Abenomics' no help to breweries

While Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s policies help manufacturers such as Toyota Motor Corp. rack up record profits, challenges to his reforms are showing up in a more mundane spot: the outlook for beer. Brewers in Japan face an April sales tax increase, stagnant wages ...

Jan 10, 2014

Oman hears Abe vow to seek regional calm

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, meeting Thursday night with Omani Sultan Qaboos bin Said, pledged redoubled efforts by Japan to help make the Middle East more stable. Explaining his policy to make Japan a “proactive” contributor to world peace, Abe said he will beef up ...

Sep 18, 2013

Mr. Abe's ominous defense moves

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's approach to changing the government's traditional position on the right to collective self-defense undermines the foundation of Japanese democracy.

Sep 15, 2013

Abe's 2020 vision challenged


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declared that the Olympics would put Tokyo "at the center of the world." But the real question is: Will Japan use the Olympics to join the real world

Aug 9, 2013

Mr. Abe's constitutional runaround

Shinzo Abe's choice for Cabinet Legislation Bureau chief gives away his intention to seek a constitutional justification for Japan's right to "collective self-defense."