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Menacing dinosaur turns out to be gentle giant

Oct 24, 2014

Menacing dinosaur turns out to be gentle giant

A bus-sized dinosaur portrayed as a killer based on fearsome claws unearthed 49 years ago was really a toothless, gentle plodder, paleontologists reported Wednesday after new fossil evidence. Rather than tearing prey limb from limb with talons that gave it the monicker “horrible hand,” ...

Oct 15, 2014

Cool summer causes fewer cases of heatstroke

A total of 40,048 people were taken to hospital by ambulance for heatstroke in Japan from June to September, down 31.8 percent from a year before, the Fire and Disaster Management Agency said on Wednesday. This year, temperatures started to rise earlier than usual, ...

Oct 14, 2014

Bill would beef up responses to infectious diseases

The government readied a bill Tuesday for Diet passage this year that would revise the infectious diseases law, following the first domestic dengue fever infections in nearly 70 years and the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The amendment calls for authorizing prefectural governors to ...