National Topics

Apr 1, 2016

Japanese researchers clone mice from cells in urine

A team of Japanese researchers has successfully produced cloned mice from cells found in urine, according to an article published Friday in the British science journal Scientific Reports. The discovery by researchers from the University of Yamanashi and other institutions has potential applications in ...

Video shows Hitomi satellite spinning wildly in orbit

Mar 29, 2016

Video shows Hitomi satellite spinning wildly in orbit

Japan’s brand new Hitomi X-ray astronomy satellite has apparently lost control and is spinning wildly in orbit, according to a video taken by an amateur U.S. astronomer that was posted to the National Geographic website Monday. The video shows an object that looks like ...

Mar 20, 2016

Glass eel farming project hits wall

The government is facing an uphill battle to meet the target of producing 10,000 young Japanese eel from full-cycle farming in fiscal 2016 to establish a stable supply system for the fish, which is facing extinction. Attaining the figure remains a distant goal as ...