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Nov 13, 2015

Colombia to legalize commercial sale of medical marijuana

Colombia’s government plans to legalize the cultivation and sale of marijuana for medicinal and scientific purposes, officials said Thursday in a surprise shift by the longtime U.S. ally in the war on drugs. The change is coming in an executive decree that President Juan ...

Nov 13, 2015

Monarch butterfly population may quadruple: Mexico

Monarch butterflies wintering in Mexico could nearly quadruple in number this year thanks to actions taken by the United States, Mexico and Canada to protect the migratory species, authorities said Thursday. After years of sharp decline, the three countries agreed at a summit in ...

Nov 13, 2015

Rings and pacifiers: Health gadgets get sophisticated

After the smartphone and fitness bracelet, here comes the smart ring. And the smart pacifier, and smart rollator. “Wellness” computers that monitor your pulse, temperature and other health indicators are becoming increasingly sophisticated and varied to cover every aspect — and age — of ...