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Sep 9, 2014

Respiratory virus 'clusters' sweep U.S., sickening kids

Clusters of severe respiratory illness across a dozen U.S. states have raised concern about the spread of an unusual virus that is striking children but not adults, health officials said Monday. The culprit in most cases identified so far is enterovirus 68, or EV-D68, ...

Sep 8, 2014

Jupiter moon mimics Earth tectonics: study

Jupiter’s icy moon Europa may have active tectonic plates similar to those that shape the Earth, which had long been thought unique in this respect, scientists said Sunday. They used images captured by NASA’s Galileo spacecraft, which orbited Jupiter and its moons from 1995 ...

Sep 5, 2014

'Telepathy' experiment sends first mental message

For the first time, scientists have been able to send a simple mental message from one person to another without any contact between the two, who were far apart in India and France. Research led by experts at Harvard University shows technology can be ...