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Jun 9, 2016

New IVF method seen lessening transfer of moms' bad DNA to babies

Scientists on Wednesday unveiled an improved method of transferring DNA between human egg cells, a technique that aims to create embryos free of their mother’s genetic defects. Refinements to an existing method known as “pronuclear transfer,” sometimes called three-person IVF, greatly reduced the amount ...

Jun 5, 2016

Precision medicine can widen cancer care options, studies find

Using a patient’s individual tumor biomarkers to determine the best treatment can improve success rates, studies showed Saturday. Unlike chemotherapy and radiation therapy, targeted medicine allows for the preservation of healthy cells. This approach, especially immunotherapy, which boosts the immune system to destroy tumor ...

Jun 5, 2016

Simple blood tests can help detect, target cancer: study

Blood samples can be just as effective as invasive tissue biopsies in monitoring cancer and can help doctors better prescribe treatment, a study revealed Saturday. Although tumor biopsies are generally used to assess changes in a cancer’s DNA, blood samples can do the same ...