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Jan 15, 2017

Study uncovers long-term effects of deadly Ebola virus

People who survive Ebola may still battle debilitating health problems a year after being declared infection-free, according to an ongoing trial in Guinea that highlighted the need for patient follow-up. Three-quarters of survivors had post-Ebola symptoms when they enrolled for the trial about a ...

Jan 13, 2017

Did you eat your veggies? Urine test can tell

A simple urine test can reveal whether you had steamed fish or a fat-riddled steak for dinner, and could one day end dietary dishonesty, according to a study published Friday. The test may also boost the health of people suffering from diabetes, obesity or ...

Jan 13, 2017

Scientists activate predatory 'kill switch' in mice

U.S. scientists have ramped up predatory behavior in mice by stimulating a region of the brain known for its role in emotions like fear and pleasure, according to a study published Thursday. The experiment turned the lab mice into eating machines, vigorously attacking food, ...

Cannabis can relieve pain, but carries risks, study says

Jan 13, 2017

Cannabis can relieve pain, but carries risks, study says

Marijuana and cannabis can help to safely alleviate pain for some patients but many uncertainties remain about their health and safety risks, according to a major scientific review published Thursday. A committee of the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine looked at ...

Jan 12, 2017

Study shows the way stress may harm your heart

Scientists said Thursday they may have uncovered a biological explanation for the long suspected link between stress and heart disease. People with a highly active amygdala — a region of the brain involved in stress processing — also have a higher risk of heart ...