Asia Pacific Topics

Sep 14, 2016

Indonesian clerics issue fatwa against forest fires

Indonesia’s top Islamic clerical body said Wednesday it has issued a fatwa against intentionally starting forest fires in a bid to stop the blazes that cloak Southeast Asia in haze every year. The religious edict by the Indonesian Ulema Council said it was “haram,” ...

Bangkok reports 21 new locally transmitted Zika cases

Sep 12, 2016

Bangkok reports 21 new locally transmitted Zika cases

The Thai Health Ministry has confirmed 21 locally transmitted cases of Zika infection in central Bangkok, local media reported Sunday. According to the Japanese Embassy, no Japanese are among the cases, which were all recorded in the capital’s Sathorn District, where many office complexes ...

Aug 31, 2016

Singapore urges tests for pregnant women with Zika signs

Singapore urged all pregnant women showing symptoms of fever or rashes to have themselves tested for the Zika virus Wednesday after the number of cases in the city-state soared to 82. The United States and Britain joined Australia and Taiwan in advising pregnant women ...

Aug 29, 2016

Singapore mass sprays residences as Zika expected to spread

Officials sprayed insecticide and cleared drains of stagnant water in residential areas of Singapore at high risk of further Zika infections on Monday after 41 locally transmitted cases were confirmed in the city state. Workers wearing fumigation masks traveled methodically through high-rise public housing ...

China unveils Mars rover for 2020 mission

Aug 24, 2016

China unveils Mars rover for 2020 mission

China has shown off the first images of the rover it plans to sent to Mars in mid-2020 to explore the surface for three months, the latest aim of its ambitious space program. China in 2003 became the third country to put a man ...