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Myanmar's No. 2 peak may actually be highest

Nov 25, 2013

Myanmar's No. 2 peak may actually be highest

Myanmar may have a new tallest mountain, though so far it seems quite happy with the old one. A U.S.-Myanmar mountaineering team trekked through jungles crawling with cobras, made a brief, illegal detour through Chinese-controlled Tibet and survived a terrifying 180-meter fall on their ...

Bird flu strain infects human for first time

Nov 14, 2013

Bird flu strain infects human for first time

A strain of bird flu that scientists thought could not infect people has shown up in a Taiwanese woman, a nasty surprise that shows scientists must do more to spot worrisome flu strains before they ignite a global outbreak, doctors say. On a more ...

Indian rockets aim for space market

Nov 11, 2013

Indian rockets aim for space market

by Penelope Macrae

India’s bid to become the first Asian nation to reach Mars sets a new benchmark for frugal interplanetary travel and puts it in a perfect position to grab more of the $300 billion global space market, experts say. “Everyone wants to do low-cost missions ...

Indian mission to Mars blasts off

Nov 5, 2013

Indian mission to Mars blasts off

India on Tuesday launched its first spacecraft bound for Mars, a complex mission that it hopes will demonstrate and advance technologies for space travel. Hundreds of people watched the rocket carrying the Mars orbiter take off from the east coast island of Sriharikota and ...

Nov 3, 2013

India starts Mars probe countdown

India began a countdown Sunday to the launch of its most ambitious and risky space mission to date, sending a probe to Mars that was conceived in just 15 months on a tiny budget. After a recent Chinese attempt flopped, India is seeking to ...

'Lost world' in Australia yields new species

Oct 28, 2013

'Lost world' in Australia yields new species

An expedition to a remote part of northern Australia has uncovered three new vertebrate species isolated for millions of years, with scientists Monday calling the area a “lost world.” Conrad Hoskin from James Cook University and a National Geographic film crew were dropped by ...

Sep 30, 2013

China kids know the logos used for smokes

Nearly nine in 10 children in China can identify a cigarette logo, according to a U.S. study out Monday that measured tobacco recognition among typical 5- and 6-year-olds in various countries. The study in the journal Pediatrics covered six nations — Brazil, India, Nigeria, ...

Sep 25, 2013

Australian researchers unveil 'attention-powered' car

Australian road safety researchers Wednesday unveiled a pioneering “attention-powered” car that uses a headset to monitor brain activity and slow acceleration during periods of distraction. The car, commissioned by the Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia, is about to depart on an awareness-raising road ...

Aug 28, 2013

Milk scare was false alarm: N.Z.

A botulism scare that sparked global recalls of Fonterra milk products was a false alarm and there was never any danger to consumers, New Zealand officials said Wednesday after new tests. The crisis led to infant formula being taken off shelves from China to ...

Aug 23, 2013

Model predicts arsenic pollution

European and Chinese researchers have built a model to predict the presence of arsenic groundwater contamination in China and elsewhere where millions are at risk, according to work published Thursday. The technique can be applied to any region where the problem affects large populations ...