Asia Pacific Topics

May 1, 2014

UNESCO decries waste dumped on Barrier Reef

UNESCO on Thursday condemned a decision to allow the dumping of dredge waste in Great Barrier Reef waters and recommended the Australian marine park be considered for inclusion on the World Heritage in Danger list. The decision in January to allow 3 million cu. ...

Philippine petroglyphs threatened

Apr 21, 2014

Philippine petroglyphs threatened

On a small rock wall a short drive from Manila, enigmatic carvings that are believed to date back 5,000 years are in danger of disappearing before their mysteries can be solved. The 127 engravings of people, animals and geometric shapes are the nation’s oldest ...

Apr 16, 2014

Beijing says pollution from outside

About a third of the air pollution in China’s smog-hit capital comes from outside the city, official media reported Wednesday, citing a watchdog body. Chen Tian, chief of the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau, said that about 28-36 percent of hazardous airborne particles known as ...

Apr 12, 2014

China and India face huge cancer burden: experts

China and India are facing a cancer crisis, with smoking, belated diagnosis and unequal access to treatment all causing large-scale problems, experts said Friday. In a major report, published in The Lancet Oncology, more than 40 specialists warn that Asia’s big two emerging giants ...

U.K. scientists pan Tamiflu in debate over '09 pandemic cost

Apr 10, 2014

U.K. scientists pan Tamiflu in debate over '09 pandemic cost

British scientists say there isn’t enough evidence to prove the antiviral drug Tamiflu reduces the spread of flu. The findings published Thursday in the journal BMJ question whether governments worldwide were justified in spending millions on the drug during the 2009 swine flu pandemic. ...

India, 10 other nations now free of polio

Mar 28, 2014

India, 10 other nations now free of polio

The World Health Organization on Thursday officially certified India and 10 other Asian countries free of polio, a milestone lauded as a “momentous victory” over an ancient scourge. The Southeast Asian region, which includes India but excludes Afghanistan and Pakistan, was certified by a ...

Indonesian forest fires feed air pollution across Asia

| Mar 27, 2014

Indonesian forest fires feed air pollution across Asia

High above the vast Indonesian island of Sumatra, satellites identify hundreds of plumes of smoke drifting over the oil palm plantations and rain forests. Monsoon winds sweep them north and east toward Singapore, Malaysia and deep into Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. Southeast Asian cities ...

Mar 26, 2014

Seoul to slash plastic surgery ads

The South Korean capital, Seoul, is to restrict the use of plastic surgery ads on public transport, officials said Wednesday, after complaints that they were fueling an unhealthy obsession with body image. South Korea, and particularly Seoul, has an international reputation for plastic surgery, ...

Jan 26, 2014

China's moon rover has trouble

China’s Jade Rabbit moon rover has experienced a “mechanical control abnormality,” state media said Saturday, in what appears to be a setback for a landmark mission in the country’s ambitious space program. The abnormality occurred due to “the complicated lunar surface environment,” the official ...