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'Tiger heavyweight' Nepal hosts anti-poaching summit

Feb 1, 2015

'Tiger heavyweight' Nepal hosts anti-poaching summit

Nepal’s success in turning tiger-fearing villagers into their protectors has seen none of the endangered cats killed for almost three years, offering key lessons for an anti-poaching summit opening in Katmandu on Monday. Experts from conservation group WWF, which is co-hosting the conference with ...

Australia bans waste dumping on Great Barrier Reef

Jan 24, 2015

Australia bans waste dumping on Great Barrier Reef

Australia has ordered a ban on dumping dredge waste on most of the Great Barrier Reef, the environment minister said Saturday, as part of a push to stop the United Nations from declaring the site in danger. Environment Minister Greg Hunt said he had ...

Jan 19, 2015

Sri Lanka's kidney ills mystify: the scoop

A mystery kidney disease is killing Sri Lankan farmers. The first cases surfaced some two decades ago in North Central province, the main rice-producing area. Since then, the disease has killed up to an estimated 20,000 people on the Indian Ocean island nation. As ...

Jan 16, 2015

China diagnosed 104,000 new HIV cases in 2014: report

China diagnosed 104,000 new cases of HIV/AIDS in 2014, media reported Friday, highlighting growth in infections in the country despite a comparatively low overall rate. The figure was a 14 percent increase on the number of new cases diagnosed in 2013, the Beijing Times ...

South Korean flown to Germany for Ebola treatment

Jan 3, 2015

South Korean flown to Germany for Ebola treatment

A member of a South Korean medical team treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone has been flown to Germany after suffering an injury with a hypodermic needle. Berlin’s renowned Charite hospital said in a statement that the unidentified medic was taken to its special ...

Jan 2, 2015

Descendent brings Jesuit skull back to Guam

A descendant of a Spanish Jesuit missionary, who was killed on Guam in 1684, has traveled from Spain to Guam in the spirit of prayer, reconciliation and friendship. Nearly 330 years after a Chamorro uprising killed Father Manuel de Solorzano, his descendant, Manuel Lopez ...