Asia Pacific Topics

Sep 9, 2015

China aims to be first to land probe on dark side of moon

China’s space program says it plans to attempt the first-ever landing of a lunar probe on the moon’s far side. Zou Yongliao from the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ moon exploration department told state broadcaster CCTV on Wednesday that the Chang’e 4 mission is planned ...

Aug 31, 2015

Singapore softens ban on HIV-positive visitors

Singapore said Monday it has lifted a two-decade ban on HIV-infected people from entering the country, but will limit their stay to a maximum of three months. The Health Ministry said the ban was lifted on April 1, “given the current context with more ...

Aug 28, 2015

Chinese rocket fails, parts hit home

Debris from a rocket carrying a Chinese satellite into orbit crashed into a villager’s home minutes after the launch, local police and media reports said Friday. The parts plummeted to earth with a huge roar Thursday morning in Xunyang County in the northern province ...

Hong Kong's taste for seafood putting oceans in danger

Aug 12, 2015

Hong Kong's taste for seafood putting oceans in danger

A seafood lunch in Hong Kong is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike, but with threatened species on the menu and fishing practices that endanger marine life, campaigners want to change the city’s appetite. Hong Kong is the second-largest consumer of seafood per capita ...

Hong Kong giant panda becomes oldest ever

Jul 28, 2015

Hong Kong giant panda becomes oldest ever

It may not be considered a landmark birthday for humans, but turning 37 on Tuesday made Hong Kong’s Jia Jia the oldest-ever giant panda in captivity, and she celebrated in style. The equivalent of more than 100 years old in human terms, Jia Jia ...

Jul 21, 2015

South Korea tourism struggles to recover from MERS outbreak

The recent outbreak of the deadly Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) virus in South Korea has left the country’s tourist industry in intensive care, with visitor numbers plunging more than 40 percent in June, according to data released Tuesday. As the country scrambles to ...