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Aug 1, 2014

Turkish women are told not to laugh loud

One of the most senior members of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government sparked an outcry Tuesday after declaring that women should not laugh loudly in public. Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc, one of the co-founders of the ruling Islamic-rooted Justice and Development Party ...

Aug 1, 2014

Man expelled from Croatia for punching endangered monk seal

A man has been fined and expelled from Croatia after he punched a Mediterranean monk seal, one of the world’s most endangered species, reports said on Thursday. Dozens of tourists and locals had gathered on the beach at Gortan bay on the northern peninsula ...

Aug 1, 2014

Speeding grandma thanks Idaho trooper for ticket

A Washington state grandmother has written a thank-you letter to a state trooper in Idaho for giving her a speeding ticket in an exchange that she said on Thursday was a highlight of her recent holiday there. Tana Baumler, 59, of Bothell, Washington, was ...

Jul 29, 2014

Web tycoon Dotcom says he'll reach 5% in New Zealand election

Kim Dotcom, the Internet tycoon facing extradition to the U.S. on piracy charges, said his political party is on course to win more than 5 percent of the vote in New Zealand’s general election by appealing to young and first-time voters. The party’s own ...

Jul 25, 2014

Naked thieves nab 60 burgers from Florida eatery

Police have released surveillance video of a trio of naked thieves stealing 60 hamburgers from an eatery in southwest Florida. Police say the men — two entirely naked and one in his underwear — broke in early Sunday and left a trail of red ...

Bouncy titillating adult fun at N.Y.'s sex museum

Jul 18, 2014

Bouncy titillating adult fun at N.Y.'s sex museum

Shouts, giggles and selfies. Mildly titillating and lots of fun, bouncing around on giant inflatable boobs is the hit attraction of a hot and steamy New York summer. As temperatures rise and hemlines shorten, visitors flock to the Museum of Sex to jump up ...

Japanese businessman thanks Italy with restored pyramid

Jul 16, 2014

Japanese businessman thanks Italy with restored pyramid

A Japanese businessman whose donation helped restore an ancient Roman pyramid said it was a way of thanking Italy for his success, as he toured the monument with Italy’s culture minister on Tuesday. Dressed in an impeccable white suit, the wavy-haired fashion importer Yuzo ...

Jul 14, 2014

Freak lightning strikes in U.S. park kill two in two days

Lightning has been blamed for the death of a visitor to Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park for the second day in a row. Park spokeswoman Kyle Patterson says officials were notified Saturday of four people being struck by lightning near Trail Ridge Road. The ...

'Holy Grail' of watches set for November auction

Jul 11, 2014

'Holy Grail' of watches set for November auction

Timekeeping afficionados set their alarms Thursday, when auction house Sotheby’s announced the “Holy Grail” of watches will be up for sale in November. The Henry Graves Supercomplication, a timepiece that has an estimated value of €12 million ($16 million), is “the most complicated watch ...

Jul 10, 2014

New York museum sells adult sleepover under blue whale

Ever dreamt of kipping down under a blue whale? For grown-ups equipped with a sleeping bag and toothbrush, the American Museum of Natural History is hosting its first adult-only sleepover. The Aug. 1 overnight adventure was so popular that it sold out within hours ...