Asia Pacific Topics

Mar 13, 2014

Sri Lanka can't fill hangman job

Sri Lanka is searching for a new hangman after the latest recruit got upset on seeing the gallows for the first time and quit, officials said. The Prisons Department appointed the new hangman, the third most qualified from 176 applicants, last week, months after ...

Mar 13, 2014

More ropes to ease jam on Everest

Nepalese climbing specialists will fix a second rope at the Hillary Step, a dangerous bottleneck near the Mount Everest summit, to ease congestion on the world’s highest mountain. Hundreds of climbers from around the world attempt to scale the 8,850-meter (29,035-feet) Everest summit every ...

Feb 13, 2014

New Zealand bans rappers Odd Future

New Zealand immigration authorities on Thursday banned Los Angeles rappers Odd Future from entering the country after deciding they pose a threat to public order. The group was due to play an open-air concert with headline act Eminem on Saturday in Auckland. Border Operations ...

Russian poachers plaguing parks as Moscow goes nuts for squirrels

Feb 9, 2014

Russian poachers plaguing parks as Moscow goes nuts for squirrels

One by one, the bushy-tailed residents of Moscow’s parks have been disappearing. The problem: Russians have gone nuts for pet squirrels. Moscow authorities bolstered security early this month for all of the city’s green areas after city official Alexei Gorelov said he had received ...

Feb 6, 2014

Amnesty raps PNG over sorcery murder

Amnesty International hit out Thursday at Papua New Guinea for failing to bring to justice the killers of a woman who was burned to death a year ago for sorcery. Kepari Leniata, 20, was stripped naked, tied up, doused in gasoline and burned alive ...

Feb 6, 2014

Xbox sensor guards Koreas' border

Microsoft’s movement-recognition Kinect software has morphed from virtual shooter gaming to the real-life challenge of guarding the world’s last Cold War border. The sensor allowing hands-free play on the Xbox is the basis for a security device now deployed along the demilitarized zone (DMZ) ...

Jan 31, 2014

Man washes up in Marshall Islands 'after 16 months adrift'

An emaciated man whose boat washed up on a remote Pacific atoll this week claims he survived 16 months adrift on the Pacific, floating more than 12,500 km from Mexico, a researcher said Friday. The man, with long hair and beard, was discovered Thursday ...

Year of the Horse will be a fiery one: H.K. seers

Jan 30, 2014

Year of the Horse will be a fiery one: H.K. seers

Conflicts, disasters, record-high temperatures, an economic chill in Asia and more trouble for Justin Bieber — the upcoming Year of the Horse is set to be a dramatic one, say Hong Kong feng shui masters. With the Year of the Snake slithering into history, ...

Jan 24, 2014

Dad sues son for 'marrying down'

A father in eastern India is suing his only son for defamation after he married a woman from a lower caste, saying he has damaged his reputation and social standing. Sidhnath Sharma is seeking 10,000,000 rupees ($162,000) in damages from his son, Sushant Jasu, ...

Chinese farmers build $2 million wall of money

Jan 16, 2014

Chinese farmers build $2 million wall of money

Farmers in one of the poorest counties in a Chinese province have built a wall of cash from more than $2 million paid out in yearend bonuses, according to a report. The farmers, members of a cooperative in Liangshan County in Sichuan province, stacked ...