National Topics

May 20, 2014

Local governments push 'karoshi' bill

More than 100 prefectural and municipal assemblies across Japan are backing a bill now in the Diet that is aimed at preventing “karoshi” (death from overwork) and suicide caused by overwork. The bill stipulates that the country as a whole is responsible for such ...

Exhibition focuses  on visually impaired

Apr 29, 2014

Exhibition focuses on visually impaired

by Keiji Hirano

A unique exhibition is underway at a human rights educational facility in Tokyo focusing on how to guarantee the “right to read” of people with visual impairments. The around 100 items on display at the Tokyo Metropolitan Human Rights Promotion Center include embossed art ...

Funeral gripes fuel Buddhist rethink

Dec 4, 2013

Funeral gripes fuel Buddhist rethink

by Takeshi Nishide

An increasing number of Buddhist priests are re-evaluating funeral services amid rapidly changing attitudes over the way they are conducted. Hideo Usui, chief executive of Jiin Design Co., which provides business advice to Buddhist temples, is among those helping spur the revision. In July, ...