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Jul 23, 2014

Monument for Korean forced labor must come down, Gunma says

The Gunma Prefectural Government said Tuesday it won’t allow a memorial to Koreans who were engaged in wartime forced labor to remain at a local public park, citing political remarks made by the group responsible for its construction. The monument was built in 2004 ...

Private nursery schools strive to offer novel services

Jul 20, 2014

Private nursery schools strive to offer novel services

With the number of privately run nursery schools increasing in Japan, many such facilities are working to come up with novel services to survive, including original educational materials and English conversation classes. While the number of children on nursery waiting lists remains high, nursery ...

Jul 16, 2014

Pro-Korean activists held in assault on right-winger

The leader and seven members of a group opposed to hate speech directed against Korean residents of Japan were arrested Wednesday for allegedly assaulting an anti-Korean demonstrator last year. Police said Atsuhiro Soeda, 41, and seven others are suspected of obstructing the demonstrator, verbally ...