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JAXA plans to test new large rocket from 2020

Dec 25, 2013

JAXA plans to test new large rocket from 2020

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency plans to launch a new large-scale test rocket in fiscal 2020 and another the following year. The rocket, provisionally dubbed H-III, is a successor to JAXA’s H-IIA launch vehicle. According to JAXA’s plan, reported to a science ministry panel ...

Dec 4, 2013

Japanese scientists help discover wonder rice gene

Scientists have discovered a wonder rice gene that could dramatically increase yields of one of the world’s most important food crops, the International Rice Research Institute said. Preliminary tests show that yields of modern long-grain Indica rice varieties, the world’s most widely grown types ...

Nov 24, 2013

UNEP chief urges Japan to stay in fight

The chief of the U.N. Environment Program urged Japan to keep playing a leadership role in the fight against global warming, although it faces a challenge caused by Fukushima nuclear disaster, which left most of its atomic plants offline. “The world has in a ...

Nov 11, 2013

Car that can warn driver of heart attack under study

A joint project bringing together academic researchers and private firms in the automotive industry is developing an automobile capable of warning its driver of an impending heart attack. “We want to reduce the number of unfortunate accidents” by developing the system “as early as ...