National Topics

May 27, 2015

Health minister calls for greater use of generic drugs

The market penetration rate of generic drugs in Japan should rise to 80 percent or higher by the end of March 2021 from 46.9 percent in September 2013, according to Health, Labor and Welfare Minister Yasuhisa Shiozaki. If the target is achieved, medical expenses ...

May 22, 2015

Team develops method to winnow target cells efficiently

A Japanese research team has announced the development of a method to winnow target cells efficiently from various cells grown from human pluripotent stem cells. The method, announced in an article on the online version of the U.S. journal Cell Stem Cell, looks promising ...

May 20, 2015

Ministry aims to boost market share of generic drugs

Health minister Yasuhisa Shiozaki says the government intends to set a new target for the share of generic drugs in Japan. The health ministry is planning to make revisions to its road map for the promotion of such lower-priced drugs, including a hike of ...