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Aug 15, 2013

To normalize ties, Mao turned to war criminal

In 1956 and 1957, the late Chinese leader Mao Zedong wanted a Japanese Class-A war criminal who remained an influential figure in the postwar era to visit China in an apparent effort to normalize diplomatic ties with Japan, according to recently disclosed diplomatic documents. ...

Memories of war's victims, victimizers

Aug 14, 2013

Memories of war's victims, victimizers

by Keiji Hirano

A freelance photojournalist has recorded the individual histories of 70 survivors of the war at home and abroad to show how they acted during wartime and how their experiences affected the rest of their lives. “I wanted to record the testimonies of war survivors ...

Exhibit highlights Taiwan sex slaves

Aug 2, 2013

Exhibit highlights Taiwan sex slaves

by Keiji Hirano

A Tokyo museum focusing on wartime sex slavery is holding an exhibition on how Taiwanese women exploited by the Japanese military have struggled to recover from their ordeals. The Women’s Active Museum on War and Peace, better known as WAM, has collected documents and ...

Jul 27, 2013

Leak finally led to removal of chemical weapons from Okinawa

1952: The Treaty of San Francisco grants control of Okinawa to the United States. The U.S. sends its first shipment of chemical weapons to Okinawa for possible deployment in the 1950-53 Korean War. 1962-63: The U.S. sends further chemical-weapons shipments to Okinawa. 1969: A ...

Jul 23, 2013

Taiwan government to use new wording for Japanese colonial period

Taiwan’s Executive Yuan, or Cabinet, instructed all government agencies Monday to begin calling the 50-year Japanese colonial rule of the island as the “Japanese occupation period” in official documents. The announcement came ahead of an Education Ministry decision over whether to also change the ...