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Sep 5, 2013

New theory on 1613 mission floated

by Yugo Hirano

Historian Naotsugu Hamada has proposed a new theory about the 1613 mission that Date Masamune, Sendai’s then-feudal lord, sent to Europe and Mexico, arguing that he may have intended to use funds from trade with Mexico to reconstruct Tohoku, which had been rocked by ...

Sep 4, 2013

South Korean text lauds Japan colonial rule

A newly authorized South Korean history textbook includes some positive passages about Japan’s colonial rule of the Korean Peninsula before and during World War II, according to local reports. The textbook describes how new cities that developed under colonial rule became transport and distribution ...

Sep 3, 2013

Ibaraki group plans kamikaze film

An Ibaraki Prefecture-based group aims to make a movie on a former Imperial Japanese Navy air unit based in the present city of Kasama that trained kamikaze pilots near the end of the war. The Tsukuba air unit, launched in 1934, used the mainstay ...

Was Fellers friend of Japan or master manipulator?

| Aug 23, 2013

Was Fellers friend of Japan or master manipulator?

A Nagoya University professor is working on a book about the life of the late U.S. Brig. Gen. Bonner Fellers, who played a major role in absolving Emperor Hirohito (known posthumously as Emperor Showa) of responsibility for Japan’s wartime aggression across Asia. The movie ...

Yomeimon yields paintings hidden for two centuries

Aug 17, 2013

Yomeimon yields paintings hidden for two centuries

Renovation work at the famed Yomeimon Gate of Toshogu Shrine in the tourist city of Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture, has revealed wall paintings hidden for more than 200 years. It is believed the depictions of cranes were painted in 1752 on the west side of ...

Aug 15, 2013

To normalize ties, Mao turned to war criminal

In 1956 and 1957, the late Chinese leader Mao Zedong wanted a Japanese Class-A war criminal who remained an influential figure in the postwar era to visit China in an apparent effort to normalize diplomatic ties with Japan, according to recently disclosed diplomatic documents. ...