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Oct 30, 2013

Ford's visit to China in 1975 caused much worry in Tokyo

Prime Minister Takeo Miki conveyed concerns over U.S. President Gerald R. Ford’s planned visit to China in late 1975 during a meeting the month before, indicating worry that Washington was developing a closer relationship with Beijing, according to documents declassified Wednesday. “We hope there ...

Scholar aims to unravel Japanese remains issue

Oct 10, 2013

Scholar aims to unravel Japanese remains issue

by Daisuke Nakai

Naoki Mizuno, a Kyoto University professor, is hoping to shed light on the Japanese who died in the northern part of the Korean Peninsula around the end of World War II and remain buried there. “The issue is a result of Japan’s (colonial rule ...

Sep 5, 2013

New theory on 1613 mission floated

by Yugo Hirano

Historian Naotsugu Hamada has proposed a new theory about the 1613 mission that Date Masamune, Sendai’s then-feudal lord, sent to Europe and Mexico, arguing that he may have intended to use funds from trade with Mexico to reconstruct Tohoku, which had been rocked by ...

Sep 4, 2013

South Korean text lauds Japan colonial rule

A newly authorized South Korean history textbook includes some positive passages about Japan’s colonial rule of the Korean Peninsula before and during World War II, according to local reports. The textbook describes how new cities that developed under colonial rule became transport and distribution ...

Sep 3, 2013

Ibaraki group plans kamikaze film

An Ibaraki Prefecture-based group aims to make a movie on a former Imperial Japanese Navy air unit based in the present city of Kasama that trained kamikaze pilots near the end of the war. The Tsukuba air unit, launched in 1934, used the mainstay ...