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Guide dog stabbing in Saitama probed by police

Aug 28, 2014

Guide dog stabbing in Saitama probed by police

The July stabbing of a guide dog during its owner’s commute in Saitama Prefecture is under investigation, it was learned Thursday. The dog was apparently stabbed by a forklike object and sustained four evenly spaced wounds in the hind quarters, according to Noritoshi Sato, ...

Aug 27, 2014

'Personal info deletion' scams surge after Benesse leaks

A growing number of people are falling prey to a phone scam in which perpetrators pose as public officials and demand money in return for deleting what they claim is leaked personal information, the National Consumer Affairs Center has warned. The center wants consumers ...

Aug 24, 2014

Osaka man arrested for allegedly lopping off son's finger

A 45-year-old man was arrested in Osaka on Saturday on suspicion of chopping off his 9-year-old son’s right middle finger with a kitchen knife, police said. Yoshimasa Ando, a part-time worker who lives in the city, said that because his son was quarreling with ...