Vision failing, Tsukiji wholesaler carries on

| Mar 29, 2017

Vision failing, Tsukiji wholesaler carries on

Yutaka Kadono, 80, was supposed to retire from his business as an intermediate wholesaler at the Tsukiji fish market last October. Kadono has glaucoma in his left eye, which means it takes more time to judge a good fish, prompting him to decide to ...

Mar 29, 2017

Lower House panel warns against overuse of state secrecy law

A Lower House panel has voiced concern about the classification procedures of state secrets, warning that the nation’s controversial secrecy law was being overused. In a report released on Wednesday, the intelligence surveillance panel stopped short of issuing official recommendations, saying its comments were ...

/ Mar 29, 2017

LDP seeking evidence of perjury in Kagoike's Diet testimony

The ruling Liberal Democratic Party said Tuesday it will use parliamentary authority to investigate whether the head of controversial school operator Moritomo Gakuen lied during sworn testimony before the Diet last week. Yasunori Kagoike was hauled before the Diet to answer questions over a ...