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Philippines' Rodrigo Duterte says he personally killed people

Dec 14, 2016

Philippines' Rodrigo Duterte says he personally killed people

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has said he personally killed suspected criminals when he was mayor of a southern city to set an example for police. Duterte made the comments in a speech to businessmen on Monday night as he discussed his campaign to eradicate ...

Nov 24, 2016

Man charged over hoax calls to pilots in Australia

A man accused of making hoax calls to pilots in Australia, which saw at least one passenger plane change altitude and course, has been charged with endangering the safety of aircraft, police said. The 19-year-old was arrested Tuesday following 16 separate unauthorized radio transmissions ...

Drug dealer says he gave money to Philippine senator, police

Nov 23, 2016

Drug dealer says he gave money to Philippine senator, police

A self-confessed drug dealer, whose father was killed in an alleged gun fight in prison, has testified before a Philippine Senate investigation that he provided police officials and an opposition senator millions of pesos in protection money. Rolando “Kerwin” Espinosa Jr. said Wednesday that ...

Nov 23, 2016

Philippines charges bankers for ignoring cyberheist

The Philippines has filed charges against five officials of RCBC bank and a former treasurer who “wilfully ignored” suspicious activity that led to tens of millions of dollars vanishing after a heist on Bangladesh’s central bank. Unknown cybercriminals tried to steal nearly $1 billion ...

Nov 20, 2016

Cambodia arrests Australian nurse over alleged surrogacy service

An Australian nurse and fertility specialist has been arrested for allegedly running an illegal surrogacy service in Cambodia, the country’s anti-human trafficking police said on Sunday. The arrest was made just weeks after Cambodia became the latest country to ban commercial surrogacy. Tammy Davis-Charles, ...

Nov 15, 2016

China executes man who killed official after home demolished

A Chinese man who killed a village official after his home was forcibly demolished was executed on Tuesday, a court said, despite a public outcry over his condemnation. Jia Jinglong shot dead his village chief with a nail gun in the northern province of ...