Asia Pacific Topics

Feb 7, 2015

U.S. sisters arrested for nude photos at Cambodia's sacred Angkor site

Two American sisters have been arrested in Cambodia for taking naked photos of each other inside the country’s famed Angkor temple complex, officials said Saturday — the latest nude stunt by tourists to spark anger. Lindsey Adams, 22, and 20-year-old sister Leslie were discovered ...

Feb 3, 2015

South Korea soldier sentenced to death for killing five comrades

A South Korean soldier was sentenced to death Tuesday for killing five comrades and injuring seven others in a shooting and grenade attack last year, the Defense Ministry said. Shooting rampages by bullied soldiers are not unusual in South Korea, which requires all able-bodied ...

Feb 2, 2015

Two China cult members executed for McDonald's murder

A father and daughter in China have been executed for beating to death a woman in a McDonald’s outlet, a Chinese court said Monday. The victim had refused their advances to join their cult. Zhang Fan and her father, Zhang Lidong, were executed after ...

Jan 31, 2015

French tourists arrested for photos 'au naturel' at Angkor Wat

Three male French tourists in their early twenties have been arrested by Cambodian authorities for taking nude photos of each other inside the famed Angkor Wat temple complex, a UNESCO World Heritage site, officials said. The three were discovered inside the Banteay Kdei Temple ...

Philippines mourns 44 slaughtered police

Jan 30, 2015

Philippines mourns 44 slaughtered police

A long, slow procession of coffins draped in the Philippine flag poured out of military transport planes in Manila on Thursday, as the country mourned dozens of policemen killed in a botched anti-terror operation. Marching to muted drums, uniformed commandos bore the numbered coffins ...

Jan 30, 2015

Indonesia ready to execute foreigners after rejecting clemency

Indonesia is ready to execute seven foreign drug convicts on death row after their appeals for presidential clemency were rejected, an official said, in a move certain to set Jakarta on a collision course with international allies. The seven include two Australian leaders of ...

Jan 30, 2015

Bombardier accused of corruption in S. Korea: report

South Korean prosecutors are accusing Canadian aerospace giant Bombardier of making gifts to local officials in the East Asian country as it pursued a metro contract, Radio-Canada public television reported Thursday. The corruption allegations stem from gifts and free trips to Canada offered to ...

Jan 29, 2015

Thai transvestite arrested on suspicion of scamming Japanese men

Thai police said Wednesday they have arrested a transvestite on suspicion of swindling money from more than 100 Japanese men. The 39-year-old jobless Bangkok man named Utai Nantakan admitted that he has committed fraud against only Japanese men for the past 10 years, deceiving ...

Malaysia Airlines website hacked with '404 — plane not found' message

Jan 26, 2015

Malaysia Airlines website hacked with '404 — plane not found' message

The Malaysia Airlines website was commandeered Monday by hackers who referenced Islamic State jihadis and claimed to be from the “Lizard Squad,” a group known for previous denial-of-service attacks. The website’s front page was replaced with an image of a tuxedo-wearing lizard, and read ...

Thai ex-leader Yingluck impeached, facing corruption charges

Jan 23, 2015

Thai ex-leader Yingluck impeached, facing corruption charges

Thailand’s junta-stacked parliament voted Friday to impeach former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra, hours after prosecutors announced plans to indict her for corruption — a double blow that risks reigniting the country’s bitter divisions. The successful impeachment of Yingluck, the kingdom’s first female premier and ...