| Apr 8, 2008

Japan must put TICAD ball in play

by Kaho Shimizu

Japan held the first Tokyo International Conference on African Development in 1993 to get the international community to reengage with poverty-stricken Africa. Since then, Japan has hosted the TICAD meetings every five years. The fourth will be held in Yokohama in late May amid ...

Road taxes: Pork-barrel or necessity?

| Jan 30, 2008

Road taxes: Pork-barrel or necessity?

by Setsuko Kamiya

The government submitted a tax reform bill to the Diet Jan. 23 that includes a clause to continue the provisional higher rates imposed on auto-related levies for another 10 years, drawing opposition from the Democratic Party of Japan, which wants the higher rates that ...

| Jan 3, 2008

G8 summit to showcase environment technologies

Known for its cool summers and snowy winters, Hokkaido, the venue of the Group of Eight summit in July, is blessed with a rich natural environment and vast landscapes. It is a popular destination for nature lovers and people looking for outdoor activities such ...

Nova failure: Can teachers recoup lost pay, keep jobs?

| Nov 3, 2007

Nova failure: Can teachers recoup lost pay, keep jobs?

by Reiji Yoshida

When Japan’s largest employer of foreigners effectively went bankrupt last week, thousands of instructors at the foreign-language school giant were left without jobs. Many now face complicated legal problems in a language not their own. What will happen to Nova Corp., their contracts and ...

| Aug 7, 2007

DPJ's prospects with upper hand in Upper House

by Hiroko Nakata

The July 29 House of Councilors election brought a landslide victory to the Democratic Party of Japan, which together with the other opposition forces gained a majority in the chamber. In addition, the DPJ won the largest number of seats on a single-party basis ...

| Jul 12, 2007

What is significance of Bull-Dog action?

by Kaho Shimizu

Bull-Dog Sauce Co. on Wednesday became the first company in Japan to implement takeover defenses, issuing rights for new shares to block Steel Partners’ takeover attempt. Steel Partners Japan Strategic Fund (Offshore) L.P., which launched a tender offer for Bull-Dog shares in May, claims ...

| Jun 30, 2007

Why the big fuss about SIA? Some answers

by Hiroko Nakata

Two bills to replace the Social Insurance Agency with a government corporation were set to be enacted in the early hours of Saturday morning, despite the opposition camp’s last-ditch attempts to stop the vote in the House of Councilors. The bills are a response ...