Ozawa saga moves to trial phase

| Feb 1, 2011

Ozawa saga moves to trial phase

by Jun Hongo and Setsuko Kamiya

Former Democratic Party of Japan President Ichiro Ozawa has been indicted and will stand trial over his role in a political funding scandal. Following is a recap of the case’s salient points and the process that led to his mandatory indictment: What is the ...

| Dec 15, 2010

Testimony at ethics panel not under oath

by Kanako Takahara

The Democratic Party of Japan’s internal rift is widening by the day on whether DPJ heavyweight Ichiro Ozawa should be summoned to give unsworn testimony before the Lower House Council on Political Ethics about the money scandal for which he faces indictment. The issue ...

| Nov 27, 2010

Don't let parcel plot spoil gift-giving plans

by Alex Martin

Those who plan on sending Christmas gifts to the United States this holiday season may want to think twice now that parcel delivery companies are restricting U.S.-bound mail at the behest of airlines complying with new U.S. counterterrorism measures. The extent of the restrictions ...

The advantages of travel via Haneda

| Oct 20, 2010

The advantages of travel via Haneda

by Takahiro Fukada

The opening of Tokyo’s Haneda airport to more international flights, starting Thursday, makes a lot of sense for travelers. The time required to travel to Haneda from central Tokyo is short and the airport is connected to many other Japanese cities. The new international ...

Japan-China island tensions rise

| Sep 23, 2010

Japan-China island tensions rise

by Masami Ito

Tensions are growing daily over Japan’s arrest of a Chinese fishing boat captain following his ship’s collision with Japan Coast Guard vessels in the East China Sea. Both countries have openly criticized each other over the incident, and the escalating diplomatic spat has led ...

How did the missing elderly slip through the cracks?

| Sep 22, 2010

How did the missing elderly slip through the cracks?

by Natsuko Fukue

The Justice Ministry announced this month that it can’t confirm the whereabouts of 230,000 centenarians listed in “koseki” family registers. Last month, the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry estimated that pensions were being paid out to some 800 missing people aged 85 or older. ...

| Sep 11, 2010

Megabanks killed Incubator

Incubator Bank of Japan collapsed Friday after informing the government its liabilities exceeded assets by ¥180.4 billion, forcing the Financial Services Agency to implement the government deposit guarantee cap for the first time since 1971. Why did the new bank fail and why are ...

| Sep 8, 2010

For most, adoption option impractical, iffy

by Natsuko Fukue

For couples in Japan who can’t have a child, adoption is not considered a viable option. Seiko Noda, 50, a Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker who recently announced she got pregnant by using an egg from a woman in the U.S., wrote in a magazine ...

| Sep 1, 2010

Prognosis for BOJ action poor

Following are questions and answers on the latest Bank of Japan monetary easing steps and the government’s economic stimulus plan and their likely impact on the economy: Why did the BOJ resort to further monetary easing? The BOJ acted in response to the U.S. ...