| Sep 12, 2007

Feelings we share?

by Rowan Hooper

To what extent do animals consciously experience emotions? The question is one that until recently could not have been asked with any seriousness at a scientific conference without risking snorts of derision. Heretofore it just wasn’t done to speculate on animal emotions, because to ...

| Jul 11, 2007

Satellite of love

by Rowan Hooper

Empress Michiko has a habit of gazing at the moon on New Year’s Day. How do I know? Well, here’s the poem the Empress wrote for this year’s New Year poetry reading: Each year / I look up to verify / The moon’s position/ ...

| May 30, 2007

Sex, morals and DNA

by Rowan Hooper

It wouldn’t be surprising to see a message along the following lines on an Internet dating site: “SJF, 26, wants to meet kind, generous, romantic, honest man.” This is how Geoffrey Miller, an evolutionary psychologist at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, would ...