| May 22, 2003

Reading the mind through the face

by Rowan Hooper

Victorian Englishmen were not known for feeling comfortable displaying their emotions. Charles Darwin, exceptional in so many other ways, was like his countrymen in this regard, and considered the display of emotions in adult humans to be vestigial, something left over from our evolutionary ...

| May 15, 2003

Fish have feeling too

by Rowan Hooper

“It’s OK to eat fish ‘cos they don’t have any feelings.” So sang Kurt Cobain on “Something in the Way,” from 1991′s “Nevermind” album. We all know that Kurt felt pain — he wouldn’t have made such good records if he didn’t. But do ...

| Apr 17, 2003

Not now, maybe never

by Rowan Hooper

As far as self-publicity goes, the U.S.-based Raelian cult has done better than most. Based on the alleged experiences of a one-time motor-racing journalist, Claude Vorilhon, who claimed to have been inspired by an extraterrestrial power lunch with Mohammed, Christ and Buddha, the cult ...

| Mar 27, 2003

Gambling on dopamine

by Rowan Hooper

Paul Newman’s character in the 1967 movie “Cool Hand Luke” earns his eponymous nickname by bluffing wildly in a poker game, winning with a hand that amounts to nothing. “Yeah, well,” he mumbles, “Sometimes nuthin’ can be a real cool hand.” Gambling certainly appeals ...