| Jul 10, 2003

Sifting through the goo

by Rowan Hooper

It’s been hailed as the first major scientific breakthrough of the 21st century, but in his recent book, “Prey,” Michael Crichton envisioned it taking over the world. Nanotechnology is the science of the very small. It works on the scale of the nanometer, one ...

| Jun 19, 2003

Men stripped to their Ys

by Rowan Hooper

Edward Lambert, born in the 1700s in England, was to all appearances a normal boy until he entered puberty, whereupon his skin turned black and thickened, hardening into scales, solid like the shafts of feathers. Edward and his father, who had the same condition, ...

| May 22, 2003

Reading the mind through the face

by Rowan Hooper

Victorian Englishmen were not known for feeling comfortable displaying their emotions. Charles Darwin, exceptional in so many other ways, was like his countrymen in this regard, and considered the display of emotions in adult humans to be vestigial, something left over from our evolutionary ...

| May 15, 2003

Fish have feeling too

by Rowan Hooper

“It’s OK to eat fish ‘cos they don’t have any feelings.” So sang Kurt Cobain on “Something in the Way,” from 1991′s “Nevermind” album. We all know that Kurt felt pain — he wouldn’t have made such good records if he didn’t. But do ...