| Jan 6, 2013

Additives: Let's hope we are not what we eat

by Michael Hoffman

Four-legged chickens In a book published last year titled “Shoku wo Kangaeru” (“Thinking about Food”), plant geneticist Yoichiro Sato describes his surprise when told by an elementary school teacher that many children nowadays draw chickens with four legs. Impossible, he thought. On second thought, ...

| Dec 23, 2012

Abe is a hawk, the public merely conservative

by Michael Hoffman

Commenting acidly on November’s U.S. presidential election, American columnist George Will said all it showed was “whether Barack Obama or Mitt Romney has the smaller gigantic number of Americans not wanting him to be president.” Substitute the names of Prime Minister-elect Shinzo Abe and ...

| Dec 2, 2012

Silent majority blasted by political noise

by Michael Hoffman

Here’s another election upon us — a fitting time to reflect on tranquility and its opposite, cacophony. The tranquility of tearoom and meditation hall, the stillness of the cicada’s cries “sinking deep into the rocks,” are long gone — mourned by some, forgotten by ...

It's a bad time for Sapio to downsize

| Nov 4, 2012

It's a bad time for Sapio to downsize

by Mark Schreiber

Japan’s first two shūkanshi (weekly magazines) appeared so closely, their arrival could be described as analogous to a “photo start” as opposed to a photo finish. The Asahi Shimbun launched Junkan Asahi on Feb. 25, 1922. Rather than appearing weekly, however, it was issued ...

| Oct 28, 2012

You can't choose your (invisible) neighbors

by Michael Hoffman

Some animals are solitary. Others live in flocks or herds. Human beings are somewhere in between. Our sociability and our economic needs force us into communities, where our misanthropy, meanness and selfishness — or maybe it’s an instinctive craving for solitude — can make ...