| Jun 10, 2012

It's not that easy to quit

by Michael Hoffman

“If you don’t like it, quit.” That ill-tempered remark, lately uttered by Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto, echoes a sentiment frequently encountered in people in authority — but how true is it? How free are we to “quit” what we don’t like? Hashimoto was addressing ...

| May 20, 2012

Japan faces a long, hot, nuclear-free summer

by Mark Schreiber

Is Japan — and particularly the Kansai region — going to have enough electric power to get it through peak summer demand? The Meteorological Agency’s three-month projection for May through July, posted on its website (www.jma.go.jp/jp/longfcst/000_1_10.html) hedges its bets. For the four main islands, ...

| Apr 29, 2012

Japanese families on endangered list

by Michael Hoffman

The family is humanity’s oldest and most universal institution. But its shape, size, aims and ideologies seem infinitely variable. Japan’s families down the ages have been polygamous and monogamous, multigeneration and single-generation, swarming with children or comparatively, if not entirely, devoid of them. Through ...

| Mar 25, 2012

Is Japan as busy as it first seems?

by Michael Hoffman

Are things what they seem? Can you tell a book by its cover? Does the face reveal the heart? Does your appearance give you away? It does indeed, says brain researcher Yuji Ikegaya, writing in Shukan Asahi. Your deepest secrets are written all over ...