Asia Pacific Topics

Jan 18, 2017

China forbids locally issued smog alerts

China is suspending local meteorological bureaus from issuing smog alerts, media reported Wednesday, raising suspicions the government is attempting to suppress information about the country’s air pollution as public anger over the issue grows. The Meteorological Administration notified local bureaus Tuesday to “immediately stop ...

Dec 28, 2016

New births bring hope for Mekong dolphins in Cambodia

Conservation group WWF announced Tuesday that 10 new Irrawaddy dolphin calves were sighted this year in the section of Mekong River that runs through Cambodia, raising hope of saving the species from local extinction. It said the birth of the calves — seven in ...

Dec 28, 2016

Hong Kong's first bird flu patient this winter dies

An elderly Hong Kong man died on Christmas Day from bird flu, the government said on Tuesday, the first human infection in the city this winter. The Centre for Health Protection of the Health Department said the 75-year-old man, who was diagnosed with the ...

China's name-and-shame campaign fails to deter polluters

Dec 23, 2016

China's name-and-shame campaign fails to deter polluters

China has publicly named more than 20 enterprises it says broke environmental rules during this week’s outbreak of hazardous smog in the country’s north, its latest attempt to bring lawbreaking firms to account by shaming them. The Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) accused steel ...