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Jul 8, 2013

Whale knocks surfer unconscious

A Sydney surfer had a lucky escape Sunday when he was hit and knocked unconscious by a whale frolicking off Bondi Beach. Bishan Rajapakse, a 38-year-old doctor, said the last thing he remembers before waking up on the beach was saying “Hey, how’s it ...

Jul 3, 2013

Unwitting Chinese railway station worker plays porn on big screen

A maintenance worker surprised passers-by near a Chinese railway station when he started watching a banned porn film, not realizing his computer was connected to a giant screen, state media said Tuesday. The worker, identified only by his surname, Yuan, was supposed to repair ...

Singapore gripped by 'Singing Bone' Hello Kitty frenzy

Jun 29, 2013

Singapore gripped by 'Singing Bone' Hello Kitty frenzy

Tempers flared and police had to be called in as anxious Singaporeans rushed to McDonald’s outlets to buy plush Hello Kitty toys being sold in a promotion by the fast food chain Thursday. Hundreds had begun waiting in line from Wednesday night in the ...

Indian reporter who rode atop flood victim is fired

Jun 28, 2013

Indian reporter who rode atop flood victim is fired

An Indian television journalist who reported on deadly floods while perched on a survivor’s shoulders has been fired, the head of the channel said Wednesday. “What he did was very inhuman. You cannot ride on someone’s back for a story. We terminated him on ...

Jun 20, 2013

Samoan airline introduces 'XL' class

A tiny Samoan airline says it will introduce an “XL” class for supersized passengers, featuring extra-wide rows and special ramps to help them reach their seats. Samoa Air already pioneered a world first late last year, when it began charging passengers fares based on ...

Aussie leader blasts 'sexist' menu at opposition dinner

Jun 13, 2013

Aussie leader blasts 'sexist' menu at opposition dinner

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard on Wednesday accused the opposition of a pattern of misogynist behavior, branding a menu for a party fundraiser “grossly sexist and offensive” after it featured a quail dish named after her that offered “small breasts” and “huge thighs.” The ...

India's Africans keeping ancient customs alive

| May 31, 2013

India's Africans keeping ancient customs alive

The tiny Sidi community, descendants of ninth-century African migrants, have lived quietly along India’s west coast for hundreds of years without ever losing touch of their ancient traditions. “A Certain Grace,” a new book by Indian photographer Ketaki Sheth, reveals how the community, many ...

May 16, 2013

TV show gives peek into world of Chinese porn censors

by William Wan

In the annals of bizarre bureaucratic desk jobs, the Chinese government may have all others beat. Officials in charge of censoring pornography for the southern province of Hunan gave a rare and revealing peek into the strange (and quite possibly libido-numbing) demands of their ...