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Jul 14, 2014

Plane's swastika banner spurs criticism around NYC

A banner aiming to change people’s minds about what swastikas stand for has stirred outrage after it flew over beaches in New York City and on Long Island. Some beachgoers were appalled and officials fielded complaints after a plane toted the banner Saturday. The ...

Jun 19, 2014

Australian morgue refusing 'fat' corpses

An Australian funeral director had to store the body of a 200-kg man in her car overnight after a morgue refused it for being too corpulent, reports said Thursday. Joanne Cummings said she had to drive for two hours back home with the corpse ...

May 30, 2014

Gun safety demo wounds five in China

A policeman’s handgun went off accidentally when two officers held a safety demonstration at a kindergarten in China to mark International Children’s Day, injuring one child and four parents. The gun discharged accidentally and a bullet hit the ground, sending shards of cement flying ...

May 25, 2014

Chinese woman summits Everest

A Chinese woman became the first person to reach the summit of Mount Everest this season, officials said Saturday, but the climb was clouded by controversy because she took a helicopter part of the way. Wang Jing, 41, reached Everest’s summit late Friday, accompanied ...

Abbott apologizes for 'winking' at Aussie sex worker

May 22, 2014

Abbott apologizes for 'winking' at Aussie sex worker

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott acknowledged Thursday that he made a mistake by winking with a smile in a talk radio studio while listening to a phone sex worker complain on the air about welfare cutbacks. The gesture, captured Wednesday by a television camera ...

May 6, 2014

Australian police probe Packer street brawl

The boss of Australia’s Nine Network Tuesday admitted he was at fault over an ugly street brawl with billionaire gambling tycoon James Packer as police opened investigations into the fight. The casino mogul and his childhood friend David Gyngell, who had been his best ...