Sumitomo Realty proposes total rebuild at another tilting condo complex in Yokohama


Sumitomo Realty & Development Co. has officially proposed rebuilding all five buildings at another tilting condominium complex in Yokohama, at which construction flaws were discovered beginning in 2014.

Sumitomo Realty board member Koji Ito said at a meeting of residents on Saturday that the company was not confident repairs alone could maintain the soundness of the buildings. Yasushi Higuchi, president of Kumagai Gumi Co., which designed and built the complex, apologized for the construction flaws.

Higuchi said Kumagai Gumi will thoroughly investigate what caused the flawed work.

Sumitomo Realty began selling the 262 apartments in the complex in 2003. One of the five buildings was found tilting in 2013. In 2014, a total of 19 piles in four of the buildings were found short of touching solid ground.

Initially, Sumitomo Realty proposed rebuilding the condo building that was tilting and carrying out repairs on the other four. But the proposal failed to win the support of residents.

An investigation conducted on the other four buildings in February found that reinforcing steel was incorrectly cut and not reinforced at multiple points.

Sumitomo Realty said rebuilding work will take at least three years and three months after residents adopt a resolution on the reconstruction, according to the condominium association’s board.