GPIF scored ¥4.7 trillion investment profit in October-December


The Government Pension Investment Fund said it posted an investment profit of ¥4.73 trillion in October-December, swinging from a record loss in the previous quarter.

The GPIF marked an investment return of 3.56 percent in the third quarter of fiscal 2015 thanks to rebounds in stock prices in Japan and abroad, it announced Tuesday. The record loss, logged for July-September, stood at ¥7.89 trillion.

The value of stocks held by the GPIF grew sharply thanks to a recovery of the stock markets at home and abroad, as concerns over the Chinese economy receded on the back of additional monetary easing by the Chinese central bank.

But the GPIF suffered a loss of ¥217.9 billion from its investment in foreign bonds due to the yen’s rise against the euro.

The GPIF reported a profit of ¥2.97 trillion on its investment in domestic stocks and ¥1.59 trillion on foreign equities. It also earned ¥378.5 billion on domestic bonds.

As of the end of December, the GPIF’s assets under management stood at ¥139.82 trillion.

Domestic stocks accounted for 23.35 percent of the GPIF’s overall investment portfolio. Foreign stocks held a record share of 22.82 percent, while the proportion of domestic bonds fell to a record low of 37.76 percent. Foreign bonds accounted for 13.50 percent.