South Korean group asks Doshisha to donate Kyoto school’s taxidermic tigers


The chief of a South Korean civic group has asked Doshisha, a school operator in the city of Kyoto, to donate taxidermic Korean tigers kept at one of its schools to South Korea, the group announced Tuesday.

The stuffed specimens are at Doshisha Junior High School in the city.

Korean tigers had been regarded as an important symbol among ethnic Koreans. But the animal is believed to have become extinct following over-hunting during Japan’s 1910 to 1945 colonial rule of the Korean Peninsula.

In 1917, a mission led by Japanese businessman Tadasaburo Yamamoto carried out large-scale hunting of Korean tigers on the peninsula, according to the civic group.

There are two taxidermic Korean tigers — an adult and a cub — at Doshisha, according to the school operator. The specimen of the adult tiger was contributed by Yamamoto, while it is unknown where the cub came from because there are no records about it, Doshisha said.

The head of the civic group, identified as the Cultural Assets Redemption Agency, visited Doshisha on Monday and asked it to donate the items to South Korea for the sake of friendship between the two nations, according to the group.

An official of Doshisha told reporters that it will consider whether to meet the request later.

In South Korea, a movie about tiger hunting during the colonial period was released late last year.

  • Melonbarmonster

    Return it. Jees why would you want the shame of being branded as thieves perpetually???

  • Kessek

    LOL. Get lost South Korea.

  • Tachomanx

    Yeah, since South Korea has been so nice to Japan lately. Better pay a ticket, come watch them and then leave.

  • GBR48

    Returning them would be a decent act of friendship and a recognition of sorrow for past misdeeds.

    Even more vile than murdering these beautiful creatures for fun was doing it to point of extinction as an abusive colonial act, desecrating another nation’s ecology.

    My ancestors did plenty of that in big cat shoots in India, and it is nothing to be proud of.

    Japan and South Korea have enough in common to merit and benefit from reconciliation and if a younger generation can do that, if necessary defying the hatred and prejudices of older people, then so much the better for the future of both countries.

    Arrogant nationalists are the worst of people, and acts of friendship help nudge them to the obscure fringes of society, where they can do the least harm.

  • Sharad Majumdar

    What rubbish! How about, for the sake of friendship of the two nations, the South Koreans stop making ridiculous, mean-spirited, revolting claims to things they have no right to.

  • Revelation

    At least they’re asking this time instead of resorting to stealing…