¥9 million needed to finish high school, university, Japan survey finds


A Japanese survey showed Tuesday that ¥8,994,000 per person is needed as education expenses to complete high school and university.

The figure for fiscal 2015, including enrollment fees and tuitions for the educational institutions as well as cram schools, was up ¥200,000 from the preceding year, an increase that is a blow to parents at a time when wages are not growing substantially.

According to the survey by Japan Finance Corp., a government-affiliated lender, the education expenses are ¥6,899,000 if students earn degrees at public universities.

The costs stand at ¥9,079,000 to obtain a degree in humanities or social science at private universities and at ¥10,504,000 in science or engineering at such universities, the survey said.

Along with the educational costs, ¥1,249,000 per year is sent to children who left home and live alone, according to the survey.

Of the total, 29.9 percent of respondents, the largest proportion, said they save money that otherwise would be spent on things other than education to raise funds for their children, followed by 27.9 percent who said they dig into their savings.

The survey also found that the proportion of respondents who receive scholarships rose to 22.0 percent from 19.9 percent in the previous year, and that of those who rely on pay from their children’s part-time jobs to 20.1 percent from 16.1 percent.

The online survey was conducted on Nov. 6-19 last year, covering 4,700 parents, aged between 25 and 64, with children who study at high school or university.

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    Was there anybody at 25 with a child in high school?