Test flights resume for Mitsubishi Aircraft’s MRJ


Mitsubishi Aircraft Corp. on Wednesday resumed test flights for the Mitsubishi Regional Jet, the first Japanese-developed small passenger jet, after a halt of 2½ months.

The MRJ took off from Nagoya Airport in the town of Toyoyama, Aichi Prefecture, at around 9:40 a.m. and returned to the airport at around 11:25 a.m.

The Toyoyama-based Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. unit plans to conduct full-fledged tests of the aircraft in Japan to prepare for test flights in the United States that are slated to start around October to December.

Wednesday’s test flight was the fourth for the MRJ. Its maiden flight took place on Nov. 11 last year.

After the third flight, conducted on Nov. 27, Mitsubishi Aircraft carried out work to strengthen the part connecting the MRJ’s main wing and fuselage. The work finished in mid-January.

The company plans to conduct a total of 2,500 hours of test flights in Japan and the United States.