Shark swallows shark in Seoul aquarium


Visitors to a giant aquarium in Seoul on Friday witnessed the gory aftermath of a territorial dispute between two sharks, which left one inside the gullet of the other.

Staffers at the COEX aquarium said the fight between a 2.2-meter-long (7.2-foot) sand tiger shark and a banded hound shark half its size broke out on Thursday evening.

Size and power won the day. By the time the aquarium opened Friday, only the tail of the smaller shark was visible, poking from the jaws of its female tank mate.

“The sand tiger shark’s instincts are to attack if its territory is threatened, especially during breeding periods,” a spokesman for the aquarium said.

The shark appeared to have swallowed its victim whole, and the spokesman said it would probably regurgitate the hound shark after failing to digest it.

“But that could take up to a week,” he added.