Japan boasts booth at Israel cybersecurity event


Japan opened a booth for the first time at a large-scale trade exhibition for cybersecurity technologies that kicked off in Tel Aviv on Tuesday for a two-day run.

Japanese companies are aiming to cooperate with Israeli firms with cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

An increasing number of Japanese companies are interested in Israel as the two countries have been strengthening their cooperation in the field of cybersecurity since Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Japan in May 2014.

Six Japanese companies, including Dai Nippon Printing Co. and Murata Manufacturing Co., are taking part in the Cybertech 2016 exhibition.

The Japanese companies are promoting their products and explaining what kinds of technologies they are seeking from Israel.

Given that a Japan booth has been set up this time, an Israeli investor, 54, said he has the impression that Japan is making full-fledged efforts to promote cooperation with Israeli companies.

On Monday, an exchange event was held in Tel Aviv for cybersecurity-related companies of the two countries, with some 300 people taking part.

Japanese Ambassador to Israel Koji Tomita said at the event he believes that Japan, which has strength in manufacturing, and Israel, an innovation leader, can work productively together.